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Regional Contests & Events

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Regional Contests & Events
Written: 01/04/2014, 15:35
As we all know WG is not making too many contests lately, at least not for the English language.
In this topic I call upon you, our visitors, and our members to be so kind to:
Notify the others of an event hosted for your language
What the event is about
What you (can) win by completing it
Where you need to submit anything.

This way we can all gather some nice rewards as usually a contest only requires a screenshot or 2 =)
If posting somewhere else on the website, please use the hashtag #contest

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Re: Regional Contests & Events
Written: 14/04/2014, 09:40
A contest made by me: Nerven aus Stahl - wie tough bist du?


You and your partner are going into a trainingroom. You choose a map and one goes into Team 1 and the other one into Team 2. Than you fly Head on Head in the match. Before you crash you take a screenshot, turn away and take another screenshot to prove that both have survived. These screenshots have to be posted in the topic. If you want you are also allowed to post a video but the screens must be posted in the topic.


- Both Teampartners have to lock the other one
- Both teampartners have to use the same Airplane (Every Tier allowed)
- You need to post a Screenshot where you can see the distance between the two planes and one after the head on head to proof that both are still alive
- One Teampartner has to be in Team 1 the other in Team 2
- The posted Screenshots have to be from the same partner
- You are allowed to edit your post till the contest ends
- You are just allowed to take part with one partner. (Example: A ist only allowed to fly with B and B ist only allowed to fly with A if they already have posted a Screenshot together)
- Attention: No Replay Screenshots
- Attention: just Head on Head screenshots before turning away!

The Contest is until 18.04.14 (to 23:59 CEST)

You can win Glory Honor and a FW56
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Re: Regional Contests & Events
Written: 29/04/2014, 09:24
We have now DfA - WG organized event, friendly match Germany - Poland!

The rules are simple, 5 battles, best of 5 wins. Unlike on other tournaments, we will play all 5 battles. For each win every player of winner team will get 100 gold, for defeat 25. Also the best ari/ground killer will get 100 gold.

Polish team is already completed, we need more German pilots! Confirm your participation in Primarch_Victus thread on forum


Poland stronk!!11 :]
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