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About Us

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Death From Above [DFA] is an international clan that had been founded during the beta phase, when two of the oldest WoWP clans decided to join forces. Therefore, we already have a long history of participating in tournaments - so far, we've participated in each and every tournament since the closed beta phase, and we're planning to continue doing so in the future. Which means: If you're interested in playing in tournaments, we won't disappoint you! But even if you're just playing the game for fun and want to learn new things, you're welcome to visit us and fly some matches with us. And maybe that would encourage you to take the next step and participate in a tournament with DFA, who knows!

How can I join you?

That's easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Create an account by registering on the DFA website
  2. Visit the recruitment topic
  3. Create a registration topic

Looking for more information?

Don't hesitate to ask your questions in our Q&A forum!

We'd also be glad to see you on our TeamSpeak server: deathfromabove.eu (if that doesn't work, try

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