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Grunex World of Warplanes 5v5 Series #3

Tournament Information
Tournament NameGrunex World of Warplanes 5v5 Series #3
Game World of Warplanes
Registration closes14/04/2015, 15:00
Starts14/04/2015, 16:00
Ends28/04/2015, 21:59
Team Size6
DescriptionThe third installment of the Grunex tournament!
A team has to have 5 players (+1 substitute). Only aircraft up to tier 6 are allowed. Each plane can only be used once; heavy fighters and premium planes are not allowed. The captain of each team has to speak Czech.

Forum thread: http://www.deathfromabove.eu/t/301
On the WoWP forums: http://forum.worldofwarplanes.eu/index.php?/topic/36476-turnaj-grunex-world-of-warplanes-5v5-series-3/page__pid__448711#entry448711


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# Team Captain Members
1Dfa Watch ur SixWlecce6
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