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Members and visitors alike are welcome on our TS3 server at deathfromabove.eu!

DFA wins the first Clan War Tournament!

04/10/2014, 14:38 by Cheaterhater ►

Yesterday, only a few minutes before midnight, the first official Clan War Tournament came to an end. After playing the incredible number of 10 battles during the course of almost two hours in the final round, DFA ended up being victorious over Flying Circus.

We want to congratulate all participants of this tournament and thank all members of our Clan War Team, who made this hard fought victory possible. It has been a hell of a ride, and it was truly exhausting playing against Flying Circus and Dywizjon 303 - Eskadra A for a total of four hours (while we had some breaks during the first two hours, that wasn't the case for the second half). These clans proved once again that they are truly among the best in Europe, and that means we can be genuinely proud of being victorious in the end!

This was one of the most exciting tournaments so far, and we're looking forward to the next one :)

DFA Red Scare takes the second place in High Five 2!

07/07/2014, 11:45 by Cheaterhater ►

After a series of intense matches against a selection of the best European WoWP teams, our team Red Scare managed to secure a second place in Wargaming.net's High Five 2 tournament, after seeing their ultimate defeat at the hands of Dywizjon 303 - Eskadra A.

We want to congratulate all comrades of Red Scare as well as the victorious 303A and all other participating teams! It has been an exciting tournament with quite some surprises. We would also like to thank our Band of Brothers (BoB) team, who also fought hard in the tournament and were always there for training with Red Scare!

And one thing is for sure: You'll see more of Red Scare and BoB in future tournaments. Stay tuned!

Presenting... WoWP League + Dogefighter III!

11/05/2014, 13:34 by ExtincE ►

Dear members and visitors! It's that time of the year again! DFA hosts its 3rd Dogefighter Tournament starting June 13th!

This will not be just a Dogefighter Tournament though: the end results will serve as qualifcation purposes for the WoWP League, hosted and organised by DFA and the Flying Ducks! For all info, please follow the links below!




WG High 5 Tournament - Update

06/05/2014, 19:39 by ExtincE ►

Today WarGaming's High 5 Tournament launched.
Death From Above enrolled with two competitive teams: DFA The Good, The Bad and the Pegas - captained by Comrade _Grim_ and secondly DFA Ride of the Valkyrie - captained by King_ExtincE.

Both competitive teams started in round 2 for this tournament and both won their first 2 matches. Next playday will be decisive as both teams face fiercesome adversaries as Just For Fun and Eskadra A (1st and 3rd placed teams in the Dogefighter II tournament hosted by DFA)

We also had one DFA Community Team enrolled in the High 5 tournament: Kaptain Krunch and the Cereal Killers. Sadly they were knocked out in the second round.

UPDATE: The High5 tournament has concluded. DFA Valkyrie managed to finish 4th! Certainly not bad for a team of a mere 6 days young! Furthermore DFA Pegas came in 7th.
Well played!
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