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Members and visitors alike are welcome on our TS3 server at deathfromabove.eu!

Flappy XP-77 released!

21/02/2014, 15:44 by Cheaterhater ►

If you are sad that the original Flappy Bird app doesn't exist anymore and the numerous clones just don't do the trick for you, or if you never had the "pleasure" of flying the XP-77 (because you were not in the Closed Beta of WoWP), we've got the solution right here.

DFA proudly presents you Flappy XP-77. That's right - the masochist's choice of games and the masochist's choice of planes are finally united to bring you hours of finest frustration!
The rules are quite simple: Press 'E' or click a mouse button to make the XP-77 fly up. However, as gravity pulls it down continuously, you have to press those buttons a lot in order to keep altitude. And even though you probably feel the urge to let that ugly little thing crash, do not! Just try to pass those obstacles!

Other features include:

  • Highly addictive gameplay
  • Hand-drawn graphics
  • Music and sound effects from World of Warplanes, used with permission from wargaming.net
  • Works in every browser that supports HTML5 - no need to download anything!

If that convinced you, you can start playing right here, right now! If that didn't convince you, you should give it a try anyway and see for yourself - maybe you'll change your mind.

Have fun playing!

DFA Dogefighter II announced!

12/02/2014, 16:44 by ExtincE ►

Hello all!

The 2nd edition of our Dogefighter tournament has been announced! Follow the link below for more information =)


WG hosts 'Warplanes United' Tournament

10/02/2014, 18:17 by ExtincE ►

Ladies and Gentlemen!

WarGaming EU has announced the next official tournament: Warplanes United.
To summarize:
- 5v5 tier 5
- 25 tier points
- double elimination BO 3, final BO5
- you must use all nations (1xIJN, 1xUSA, 1x UK, 1x USSR, 1x GER)
- only light fighters
- 2 substitutes

All rounds will use the following pool of maps:
- Harbor
- Pacific
- El Halluf
- National Park
- Arctic
- Plateau

Tournament will be held next week. More information will follow tomorrow: http://forum.worldofwarplanes.eu/index.php?/topic/25449-warplanes-united-information-and-updates/

The Dogefighter tournament has come to an end!

26/01/2014, 22:39 by ExtincE ►

The first Dogefighter Tournament has come to an end!
Congratulations to Just For Fun on their first place, GWDYC on their 2nd place and DFA Pegas on the third place!
Want to see the other scores? http://www.challonge.com/dogefighterdfa
Feedback? http://forum.worldofwarplanes.eu/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F25351-dogefighter-tournament-feedback-thread%2F
Watch all matches back at the Dogefighter YT playlist on the DFA YouTube page! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLBgUhFzhAomcnlTlStthGX7sfR_s6wHq

Death from Above has opened recruitment!

22/01/2014, 19:52 by ExtincE ►

Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that we have now officially opened recruitment for both our Community and DOGE chapters! If you're interested in joining up, or are already a member and wish to see what we ask of our to-be members, please visit the public forum!

ExtincE'/DFA Management
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