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TeamSpeak 3

Members and visitors alike are welcome on our TS3 server at deathfromabove.eu!

Place your DFA Orders now!

05/08/2014, 20:57 by ExtincE ►

Hello peoples!

You can see the exact prices + an example of the finished product right here: http://www.deathfromabove.eu/t/133/7

You can place your orders by sending a PM to Horten_IX on the DFA forum. Please include the products you want and in what size you want them. If you want to have it before GamesCom, place your order by 6-8!

Via the link above you can also see the weight per product - add up the weight of each product you want, then click on the postal link. Select 'Letter abroad' and then select a class (1st class is delivered next day, 2nd class is in 3 days and 3rd class is in 5 days) for the total weight of your order. Add all these prices up in the PM and then transfer the total cost of your order (including shipping cost!) to the following IBAN number: SK8311000000002610341469

If you have any questions, feel free to ask Horten_IX on TS or via PM on the DFA Forum. You can also choose to reward him with a bit of extra money for all the hard work he has put in to this :)

Kind regards,

DFA Red Scare takes the second place in High Five 2!

07/07/2014, 11:45 by Cheaterhater ►

After a series of intense matches against a selection of the best European WoWP teams, our team Red Scare managed to secure a second place in Wargaming.net's High Five 2 tournament, after seeing their ultimate defeat at the hands of Dywizjon 303 - Eskadra A.

We want to congratulate all comrades of Red Scare as well as the victorious 303A and all other participating teams! It has been an exciting tournament with quite some surprises. We would also like to thank our Band of Brothers (BoB) team, who also fought hard in the tournament and were always there for training with Red Scare!

And one thing is for sure: You'll see more of Red Scare and BoB in future tournaments. Stay tuned!

Presenting... WoWP League + Dogefighter III!

11/05/2014, 13:34 by ExtincE ►

Dear members and visitors! It's that time of the year again! DFA hosts its 3rd Dogefighter Tournament starting June 13th!

This will not be just a Dogefighter Tournament though: the end results will serve as qualifcation purposes for the WoWP League, hosted and organised by DFA and the Flying Ducks! For all info, please follow the links below!




WG High 5 Tournament - Update

06/05/2014, 19:39 by ExtincE ►

Today WarGaming's High 5 Tournament launched.
Death From Above enrolled with two competitive teams: DFA The Good, The Bad and the Pegas - captained by Comrade _Grim_ and secondly DFA Ride of the Valkyrie - captained by King_ExtincE.

Both competitive teams started in round 2 for this tournament and both won their first 2 matches. Next playday will be decisive as both teams face fiercesome adversaries as Just For Fun and Eskadra A (1st and 3rd placed teams in the Dogefighter II tournament hosted by DFA)

We also had one DFA Community Team enrolled in the High 5 tournament: Kaptain Krunch and the Cereal Killers. Sadly they were knocked out in the second round.

UPDATE: The High5 tournament has concluded. DFA Valkyrie managed to finish 4th! Certainly not bad for a team of a mere 6 days young! Furthermore DFA Pegas came in 7th.
Well played!

Flappy XP-77 released!

21/02/2014, 15:44 by Cheaterhater ►

If you are sad that the original Flappy Bird app doesn't exist anymore and the numerous clones just don't do the trick for you, or if you never had the "pleasure" of flying the XP-77 (because you were not in the Closed Beta of WoWP), we've got the solution right here.

DFA proudly presents you Flappy XP-77. That's right - the masochist's choice of games and the masochist's choice of planes are finally united to bring you hours of finest frustration!
The rules are quite simple: Press 'E' or click a mouse button to make the XP-77 fly up. However, as gravity pulls it down continuously, you have to press those buttons a lot in order to keep altitude. And even though you probably feel the urge to let that ugly little thing crash, do not! Just try to pass those obstacles!

Other features include:

  • Highly addictive gameplay
  • Hand-drawn graphics
  • Music and sound effects from World of Warplanes, used with permission from wargaming.net
  • Works in every browser that supports HTML5 - no need to download anything!

If that convinced you, you can start playing right here, right now! If that didn't convince you, you should give it a try anyway and see for yourself - maybe you'll change your mind.

Have fun playing!
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